Blocked toilet

Oh no! The toilet’s overflowing . . .
NEVER try to flush a towel down the toilet. You’re better off putting it in your pocket if there’s no waste bin handy. If you don’t have any pockets or a bag, put it in your shoe. If you’re barefoot, shove it inside your clothes. Anything’s better than the toilet. It’s really bad for the enviornment to flush away sanitary products and it's also very easy to block a toilet. And that is no fun at all.

But if you forget . . . if you chuck the towel in the toilet and try to flush but notice that the toilet is starting to overflow, then what? Start by taking a deep breath. Then check to see if there’s a toilet brush. There will be in pretty much every case. Push it as far down the toilet as you can. It sometimes works better if you push with the handle side down, but the downside of that is you have to hold it closer to the brush head. If you’re lucky, the towel will come free and the water level will go down. If nothing happens, there’s only one thing to do – ask for help. And NEVER try to flush a towel down the toilet again! 

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