No toilet

The bushes – when there’s no alternative
It can sometimes be a long way to the nearest toilet. If you’re in town, it’s not a problem – just go into the nearest café, restaurant or hotel and ask to use their toilet. It’s usually OK. If there are absolutely no toilets anywhere near you, you’ll have to try something else. If you’re lucky, you’ll be wearing a long skirt. In which case, it’s fairly easy to change your towel without anyone noticing. Find a remote spot and do it on the quiet. It might feel a bit awkward if you’re alone, but if you have a friend with you, she can keep a lookout. Alternatively, find a big bush with a lot of leaves. Crouch down as far inside the bush as you can and hurry up. But it’s best if a friend can keep a lookout for you. If there isn’t a single bush, large boulder, container, or something else you can hide behind to be seen, the only thing you can do is to hurry home or to your nearest friend’s place, as quickly as possible. And remember, it’s not the end of the world if you have to wear the towel for a little longer than you should.

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