What is what?

There are many different products and the jargon can be quite tricky to follow at times. And also, what product should you use when?! The short answer is: It all depends on age, flow, occasion and where you are in your cycle. Here’s a guide that can be useful when looking for the ultimate sanitary protection.

Thin liners

Thin liners

Libresse Daily Liners are ultra thin liners that protect your favourite underwear and help you feel fresh all day everyday. The liners are soft, flexible and follow your movements for ultimate comfort. The liners come in different shapes, to fit you and your underwear perfectly. Feel fresh at all times.



Libresse Daily Liners are suitable for everyday use, as well as at the start and end of periods, and for in-between bleeding.

All our liners are specially shaped, with a front and back, to fit your body perfectly, and follow your body's movements - so you can feel comfortable and secure all the time.

Thin/Ultra Pads

Thin/Ultra Pads

Libresse Ultra are thin pads with DryFast Technology. The towels have a front and back (just like you) and are uniquely designed to stay in place and follow your body's movements. That’s because the better the fit the more secure you feel.

Libresse Ultra Towels offer a variety of thin towels – for day and night usage, with or without wings, and in different lengths, to suit your needs.

Feel secure at all times, whatever you get up to!

Thick/Maxi pads

Thick/Maxi pads

Maxi Dry pads: Feel secure with complete peace of mind.

As part of the Libresse Dry protection range, our maxi pads are now more comfortable than ever!

Shaped to fit the body perfectly, these highly absorbent pads are comfortable to wear and provide the protection you need.

The softness of the cotton surface and secure fit also mean you stay feeling fresh and dry all-day every day.

Use in cycle...

  • In-between periods
  • Ovulation
  • Start of period
  • Period
  • End of period
  • Ovulation
  • Period
  • Period

Great for...

  • Everyday use
  • Sporting
  • Dancing
  • Wearing foxy underwear
  • Everyday use
  • Sporting
  • Dancing
  • Period
  • Wearing tight pants
  • Sporting
  • Dancing
  • Period
  • Sleeping
  • Heavy bleeding

When to use what?

Each individual is unique and so is your flow. Some bleed a lot, some less. But never more than about four table spoons. Find the product that fit your needs at a specific time in your cycle.

  • The start of a period

    When your period is on its way but you don’t know exactly when it’ll happen, we recommend you to wear thick liners.

  • Period

    In this phase all of our products; towels, thick liners and tampons are suitable – all depending on your flow. Remember to use a product that has the right absorptionfor your flow. Check out our drop system.

  • End of Period

    Towards the end of the period the flow is usually lighter and then any liner can be used.

  • In-between periods

    Between periods, our light liners are an easy way to keep dry and fresh every day.

  • Ovulation

    During your ovulation you might experience an increase of discharge, and thin liners and absorbent liners are usually the most suitable.

Use our product finder in the product showroom

Why choose Libresse products?

• Libresse Ultra Pads fit you perfectly – thanks to our unique SecureFit™ design
• Libresse stays in place with no risk of leaks
• Libresse offers a range of products to fit all women’s cycle needs and their lifestyles
• Libresse's attention to small details makes the difference
• Libresse love women and want to celebrate their femininity
• Libresse is the only brand offering SecureFit™ technology, meaning your pad fits you perfectly, front and back, and moves with you, taking care of every twist and turn of the day.


What does the icon mean?

  • Absorption


    Libresse has a drop system on its package to clarify absorption capacity in a continuous way across its product range to help you find the best suited product! The 6 drops represent from light to very heavy absorption. Our pads have a highly absorbent core which captures the liquid and keeps it inside the pad. The body-balanced super-absorbent pearls help to quickly keep it away from the body.

  • Odeour control

    Odour Control

    Odour can be caused by bacteria. If you keep bacteria from growing you reduce odours. Libresse’s SAP is a super-absorbent material that not only absorbs and traps large amounts of moisture but also fights odour. By creating a low pH environment (acidic), SAP hampers bacterial growth and neutralizes basal components that create odour. Libresse products reduce odour using nature’s own chemistry so that you can feel fresh and confident naturally.

  • Secure fit

    Secure fit

    The SecureFit™ Technology makes the product fit your body perfectly, because it has a front and back, just like you. The pad therefore follows your body movements so that you feel secure at all times no matter what you do.

  • Breathable back material

    Breathable back material

    Our backside material consists of a thin plastic film with small pores that remove humidity and heat while keeping liquids from penetrating. This is accomplished by mixing calcium carbonate with the plastic material. When the material is thinned out, pores are formed. These pores let your skin breathe.
    Breathable back material is very important in reducing humidity and minimizing heat. Libresse liners with breathable back material maintain a woman’s natural balance.

  • Surface material

    Surface material

    The layer of pad next to your skin must be as soft as possible to prevent irritation, yet still keep you dry. Our cotton soft material lives up to its name and has microscopic ventilation to carry away moisture and keep your skin dry. The surface even has small patterns to keep you extra comfortable. The result is the kind of comfort that is so natural, you’ll find yourself not thinking about it.

  • Body-balanced PH

    Body-balanced PH

    The pH-level of the skin is about more than just dryness and softness. It is vital for preventing irritation and infection. Maintaining a low pH-level (acidic) helps prevent bacteria from growing. Libresse products with odour control hamper bacterial growth by balancing the body’s own pH levels and neutralising basal components that create odour. Balanced pH is yet another reason that you’ll feel secure when you wear Libresse.


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