Nervous about puberty? Got a whole heap of questions cluttering up your thoughts? Don’t worry – Libresse has the answers. Whether you’re worried about when your periods will start, or how much blood there will be, or whether it’ll leak through to your clothes, all these issues and more are covered in Girlsnaps. These are handy videos featuring a couple of girls going through exactly the same thing you are – and giving each other honest, straightforward answers.

Will my periods be gross? Will everyone know? Why do I feel so grumpy? Will the cramps be so bad I’ll need to call a doctor? All of these concerns are discussed, as well as tons of other topics: from growing hair in unexpected places to the many myths about what you can and can’t do when you’re on your period. Don’t worry, you can definitely wash your hair!

Using video messaging and Libresse’s very own custom-designed Femojis, the girls share their thoughts and feelings about periods, cramps and PMS, and reassure each other about all those things they’re worried about. The Libresse Femojis, available with our iOS and Android keyboard app, handily include emojis for things like ‘PMS’, ‘pad’ and ‘cramps’. As you’ll see, they make talking about periods as easy as talking about boys or homework.

So don’t miss Girlsnaps, because pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted to ask about periods is tackled in these short videos. And if you still have more questions, you can head to the My First Period page to find lots more tips.