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From pubic hair to hormones, periods to acne, boobs to mood swings – and everything in-between.

Puberty – Am I normal?

First off, it’s all natural. It starts when changes in your brain trigger the release of hormones in your ovaries. Some say it's the transition from girlhood to womanhood, which is a nice way of saying your body is likely to change shape, your moods may ride a roller-coaster, and you’ll become more aware of who you are as a person.

Whether you end up becoming a mum one day or not, it’s your body’s way of making you able to have babies. As a result, you’ll probably experience more intense sexual feelings for others and you might start masturbating.

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When does it start?

You might be going through puberty right now, or be expecting it to arrive soon. The truth is that the various stages – and exactly when they happen – are different for everyone. In girls puberty can start between the ages of 10 and 16, while boys typically start a couple of years later.

Yours might be done and dusted within 18 months, or be slow and steady for several years. There’s no right or wrong way for it to happen.

It’s completely normal to be either excited by puberty or dread it – you’ll probably feel a little bit of both. Because while growing up gives you the freedom to explore new things, the new responsibilities and changes in your body can feel overwhelming.

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Why don’t my boobs look like hers?

The short answer here is: because they're your boobs, not hers. Ultimately, every one of us is unique before, during and after puberty. 

There’s no real way to predict what your boobs will look like or how much they’ll grow. Just like we never entirely know how tall we’ll be or what shoe size we’ll end up with. But there are some indicators about what might happen for you (and when). We look more closely at the ways your body might change over here.

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