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Libresse Ultra Long Towels provide a little extra length for additional protection and security.

Libresse SecureFit towels offer Triple Protection and are designed to give you both great comfort and incredible protection. We have combined our unique curve-hugging shape with anti-leak walls, a fast-absorption core and an all-around barrier to give you Triple Protection, so you can be ready for anything.

Our Roll.Press.Go wrappers have unique self-sealing edges on all sides, so you can hygienically seal your used towel inside it, then dispose of it. And because the sealed Roll.Press.Go wrapper stays tightly secured even after disposal. Wear Libresse, Live Fearless

  • Ultra thin, with wings

  • Longer for increased protection

  • SecureFit ™

  • Triple Protection

  • Roll.Press.Go ™

  • Dermatologically tested

Product Features

  • Absorption

  • Length

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Triple Protection

Our Ultra thin towels with SecureFit ™ and Triple Protection are specially designed to follow the shape your body and stay in place. The towels have barriers all around, a core that absorbs quickly and protects against leakage

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