Woman sitting on a couch in front of a neon sigh in the shape of the female reproductive system | Bodyform

What we’re about

We’re here to free women from stigma, and break taboos around the V-Zone - that’s more than just your vagina or vulva!

Through pleasure and pain, from light flows to heavy, first period to last… and everything between & beyond – vaginas and vulvas are a powerful, wonderful part of the human body, and deserve to be celebrated and cared for.
We love to support women through the good, the bad and the messy, with products that help navigate our daily intimate lives (blood, spotting, discharge, sweat, pee, after sex – you name it!); care for and refresh the most sensitive of vulvas; follow the shape of our bodies, movements and lifestyles; and deliver amazing comfort, protection and care. 

New look, same Libresse

After listening to you, we’ve had to admit that our packs and logo could do a better job. Bye bye, dainty bow. Hello V, blood and flows. And because periods aren’t blue, we’ve banished the blue liquid and introduced our bold red V-flow indicator on all our new towels and tampon packs, showing whether it’s for light, regular or heavy flow. 

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